Here be Midnight

Monday, 3 January 2022

The Blackbird King

 For a while now it seems as though there's been a blackbird trying to catch my eye. I love the softness of his stare and the bright yellow ring around his eye.

For some reason I chose to paint on hot-pressed paper. I love its smoothness and its capacity to show great detail but it also shows every line out of place, every slight mishap with a wash. I think in hindsight, that the soft atmosphere of dawn would have been better captured on a slightly more textured paper but as always I am still learning and will probably or hopefully never stop.

Still I am happy with the feel of this picture and the look in his eye and sometimes those pictures that are less perfect just hold my hearts attention a little longer.

So here is the Blackbird King...

Blackbird at dawn
Crown of the morn,
Still starlit eyes
Sing forth the day