Here be Midnight

Monday, 3 July 2017

Fire of Life

Last year I prepared a little wooden book for Spring Fling, a large open studios event we have here in Dumfries and Galloway. In it were the first two chapters of the slow growing tale called 'Troll Song'- some paintings and some sketches as well as a little bit of a commentary about how the story and artwork evolved. And it is still  growing and evolving...

'Troll Song' appears to me to be a human tale set in an Other -World. Winding through Forest and Sky it throws a new perspective on the very common and ever growing human experience of yearning for deep contentment and a feeling of home. I suppose a synopsis might go something like this...

Unn is a young Wayfarer in search of a true home. She is a bridgewalker - one who can travel between worlds. In the Over world the animal kingdom guards her seemingly lifeless body while the wise Troll of the Mountains takes her deep into the Underworld to find her place of true belonging.

Another painting has appeared and I am in love with the orange sky and the quivering branches that dance within it.

The picture shows Unn's first glimpse into a new way of seeing - a gift of sight that few experience.

To see the sketches you can visit the blog post here.

The first draft chapter of the story is here and the second is here

He's really only about 3cm high!

"How amazing the forest looked from up high..."