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 When I paint, it is normal for the image to arrive effortlessly in graphite,  followed by a long passage of time painting and then as I lay the paint brush down for the final time, words come. But not for this one. The words for this picture arrived over two years ago. I made a few attempts at creating a picture for it but none were successful, and in time, I forgot about it and moved on to other things. This painting was completed, not too long ago and as usual I waited for the words but this time none came. I knew the feel of it, the freedom, the contentment, the love without reason but nothing else. So I left it and got on with getting ready for ‘Spring Fling’ our local open studio event.  As I was going through my box of labels I found my old poem, I could hardly believe it. It was perfect, just as though they had been created at the same time, precisely as companions for each other. LIBERATION  Bear, my Sage Eternity in flesh and fur, And I, clothed in all the Finery of his imagi

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