Here be Midnight

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

The Hidden Folk

'The Otherworld', it's a term I hear used a lot lately and I'm grateful to be keeping the company of like minded souls that still feel its pull. What I find most interesting and comforting is the lack of certainty about the world as it appears to our limited senses.

It seems to me that as individuals and as cultures and even as a species, we, in some way or other, manage to maintain our link to the potential of the unknown. Whether it be the cutting edge of Science, or the depths of Religion , or the intrigue of Myth and Folklore. We like the potential and the possibilities that the unknown offers us and even if we dismiss each others perspectives  and argue about what the unknown might hold secret I still feel like it is an endearing quality of being Human.

I have no particular grasp on what the Unknown might hold - too many or too few years on a meditation mat are blurring the edges of perception for me but I love the way it feels - that vast space of creative potential.

Art and stories can swiftly deliver you to the edge of 'reality' too. At this time of year it is easy to slip into the realm of Folklore. There is something about the dwindling daylight hours that make a fireside tale glow all the more brightly. 

This year's Christmas card is taken from Scandinavian Folklore. A small benevolent creature called a Tomte in Sweden, Nisse in Norway and Tontti in Finland. These solitary creatures carry all the charms of human imperfection. They are kind, helpful, mischievous and short tempered. Small gifts of porridge with a little butter are much appreciated and will placate him enough that he doesn't feel inclined to tie the Cows' tails together. ( Hmm, now there's another possible picture. )

And for those of you who are close by and would like to visit an Otherworldly Christmas Exhibition and maybe buy a few gifts for your loved ones Animus – Art For The World Soul is running its 3rd event out here in the hills of Scotland.  Yet again it is an amazing collection of Artists rich with a kind of magic that happens when Art, Spirit and Nature weave themselves together. 

Hope to see you there.