Here be Midnight

Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Tale end of Time

The last six months have hurtled passed at the break-neck speed of a snail with an injured, er...foot?
A complete contradiction of course but in its own way true. Intensity of circumstance has its own way of bending time - making the hours seem to last for weeks and the weeks fly past in an hour. It is a deafening cacophony of busyness if we cannot retreat into the stillness behind the chaos and just watch as the stories unfold.  But watching can lead to wondering and wondering leads to wistfulness and before long I am duelling with Time and Expectation.  

 Terri Windling's blog has always been for me a source of inspiration and comfort, amongst it I found a quote from Martin Shaw's lightning tree..

"All storytellers know that two types of time exist: one is the twenty-four hours, the school run, the bill-paying, forever catching-up time of our everyday world; but behind that looms the energy of mythic time, the great cycles that pulse from generation to generation. These great wheels infuse the everyday with nourishment, 'eternity in a grain of sand.' The philosopher Plotinus suggested that while the body favors a straight line, the soul hankers for the circle.
"This mythic, circular time (which is really no kind of time at all) laughs at the straight line and the alarm clock. Without it -- even with all the riches of the world -- we can enter the arena of the meaningless. As markets collapse and the world heats up, we would do well to see Coyote's claws opening holes between the two. We live in an era of tremendous possibility."                                  

Martin Shaw

The doorways to this circular time lie in many places, though for me the most direct route is when I'm in nature or when I'm creating a piece of art....

Original size 4 1/2" x 11"

We always have all we need for the journey, The Universe would not have it any other way.

" As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears."


Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Wayfarers' Wait....

Within a journey there is always a point of waiting, a space where little or nothing seems to happen.  Much the same as the moment in time when a pendulum is neither swinging up nor swinging down, or the pause between ebb and flow of waves on the shoreline.  Akin to a blank page between chapters, they are Nature's rests that help us appreciate her rhythm. 
This blog has been post-less for a little while now, but the tide has turned, news things are afoot and The Old Burrow has more tales and artwork within its cosy walls....

The Wayfarers' Wait
Original size 4" x 7 1/2"