Here be Midnight

Monday, 18 May 2015

Expeditions and Exhibitions

I think I've been busy while I wasn't looking!

Over the past few months little piles of prints and original art works have been gathering in the corners of the studio. Some have found their homes in beautiful old wooden frames and some have journeyed to the framers. Boxes of cards will also be arriving soon so there should be quite a mixture of wares to take to the upcoming exhibitions. I have so much more to show you - new art work and projects underway but for now please forgive me if I just plug the upcoming events.

The first will be in beautiful Auchencairn at Glenshinnoch  – an enchanting mix of rustic-ness and grandeur in the shadow of Orchardton House. They have a tower there that flutters with tumbling pigeons, an old walled but wild garden and everything everywhere seems to have a touch of otherworldliness. The kind of place that makes the pencil and the imagination itchy and restless in the most delightful way.

The next one is a Tea Green event at Kibble Palace in Glasgow Botanical Gardens. You can have a look at all the Artists attending here.

On the 9th of June there will be  a Transformation Tales two-woman exhibition at the a  Eskdalemuir Community Hub til the end of June. After that I hope to be participating in another Local Gallery's Summer Exhibition. And soon I hope to show you a little more of the new work that has found its way into The Old Burrow.