Here be Midnight

Monday, 27 November 2017

Timeless Connections

It sometimes appears to me that those with the simplest lives are the most beautiful. Of course I mean beauty as a quality that can be acquired through our deepest openness and surrender to life. A beauty that can be felt and heard as well as seen. The kind of beauty that fills the heart and makes everything around it seem beautiful also.

My husband has a natural facility with photography. He affectionately calls it light writing but he captures so much more. 

Like all artwork, photography captures a little of the subject and little of the artist and that indescribable third something that arises between the two. 

Here are some of his beautiful photographs and his explanation of his latest exhibition which will continue to be on show until the end of December at The Eskdalemuir Hub in Dumfries and Galloway.


Through over three decades of photography and many thousands of
images taken I have begun to see very clearly that occasionally some
photos belong to the realm of the ‘Timeless’.

India has always felt like home to me. It is a place full of amazing souls.There the veil of Western anxiety seems to be nonexistent and in its place is an effortless openness. 
When you can tune in with that, a doorway opens through which you have an opportunity to make a ‘Timeless Connection’.
For me this is a simple feeling of knowing that is hard to describe. A feeling of having ‘been here before’, a warm ease, a truth, an exhalation. A sense of no separateness. 

Many of the photos you see here are taken on early morning walks before the temperature rises. Stall holders are setting up their shops, people are taking baths in rivers and doing puja. Rickshaws are eager for business and beggars sit full of faith on their roadside squares of cardboard. So much for the senses to take in, the vibration of spirituality on every corner.

I feel at ease amongst the realness of these people who wear no masks, I see contentedness in these souls which somehow makes me feel content too. We might have a chai together or a laugh but always I feel we have added value to each others lives.

I  feel very fortunate to have met and connected with some amazing souls on my journeys. It is my hope that you will make a connection too..