Here be Midnight

Monday, 8 May 2017

The Philosophy of Pottering

Many apologies for having missed the last two months blog posts. Life turned a page and I found myself in an amazing and wonderful new chapter. 

I now share The Old Burrow with a truly beautiful soul.  I feel so blessed to be able to entwine this life with another. There is something about a union between two that creates a third entity with a power all of its own.   

The creativity and wonders that emerge from such a place fill me with such a light and joyful curiosity that it is difficult not to let the mind and the imagination run wild. Ideas are flowing freely, tools are being brandished so you may well see some of our combined creative pieces here in the future. But for now here is a little more of what has been happening at the easel...

Time is a funny thing, the more you try to squeeze into it the less gets done. The to do list grows longer and society continues to condition us to fear all sorts of dreadful consequences if we don't act immediately or at least very soon please! Which, in the end creates more stress and slows everything down and reduces the quality of everything I do. In all honesty I'm tired of it - I've been tired of it for quite some time.

And then I noticed that on the one day a week that I gave myself off (Sunday) I more than occasionally got more done than usual. 

'Pottering about' has kind of an effortless flow to it. It is driven by a contented doing and the results are a peaceful mind and quite often productivity of some kind or other too.

Pottering by its nature is always open to patches of spontaneous loafing. Guilt free lounging around - a kind of quiet contemplation that fuels the next episode of pottering. The two weave beautifully together and in this playful and relaxed mix somehow more gets done.

My only problem was that either side of Sunday were days that had stressful to do lists, emails with urgent requests threatening dire consequences and all other manner of fear led demands via some form of technology.

So one morning I told my Husband ( Oh how lovely it is to be able to say that ), that I was so sick of feeling stressed that I was thinking of re-naming everyday Sunday. And his response was " Yes, let's have eight Sundays a week!"

Happy Sunday!


  1. You sound (or type) very happy! ~ I love the idea of more Sundays, or "loafing days"(actually, making bread would be tasty too!)! Hard to come by that guilt free time, guilt free being the key! As always, I enjoy your art, and all it's little details! :))) Melody

    1. Many thanks Melody, still working on the guilt free thing myself, seems to be easier on Sundays.:) x

  2. Love this illustration, especially the roots and the smoke! Have a wonderful new chapter and please keep on with your creative ideas. ��x

    1. THank you Fiona,
      The creative ideas are bursting at the seems but there is that annoying thing called time...

  3. Oh, I'm totally into cultivating a week of Sundays :) I'm assuming in the recent weeks, you've got married - if that is so, congratulations!

  4. OOh! Do you think if we watered and fed them they would grow longer? Or multiply? And thank you, yes I am now a married person :))