Here be Midnight

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Buzz About 'Us'

This picture was sketched ages ago. It has obviously been waiting for a different approach and I guess that time has arrived.

Recently I've been painting on wood with acrylics – it has been a wonderful experience. The Lime wood absorbs the paint and the particular type of acrylics I use soak into the grain slightly leaving a velvety texture. It has been effortless and fulfilling, such a lovely combination.

In returning to paper and two dimensions it seems that I have brought with me something extra from my little journey sideways.
The colours are bolder than before and the enthusiasm for ornament shows, I think I like it :).

At times it feels like the paint brush has a mind of its own. Humourously, I watch the voice in my head saying " No, not that colour there! You can't be serious!" But the paint brush always gets its way and so I watch the picture appear a little like a curious bystander. It can feel scary sometimes especially when many hours have been invested in a piece.  I am learning to disregard that fear, take a deep breath and trust the brush.

This painting is called 'The inter-connectedness of Beeing'. I would apologise but I couldn't help it ;).

It may be a groan inducing joke, the kind that brings a head shaking smile along with the noise but I feel it is apt.

There are many environmental concerns these days and it would be very easy to make this picture about such an issue. Maybe it is, but for me it blossomed from a playful magic made of bumblebees, flowers and sunshine. A memory of an innocent kind of peace where those things were truly enough. Maybe if more people were able to experience that kind of peace, caring for our environment would become second nature. I am so grateful for the nature that surrounds my home and invites me daily to remember what an amazing universe we live in. I should accept the invitation more often...

The world we see and experience was already implied from the beginning of the universe and beyond. The form evolving from emptiness. The Oak is already implied in the Acorn I'm sure it is Alan Watts who said this... yes it is have a look here.

This little interview with Sting arrived in my facebook feed this morning. He talks about his experiences with Ayuhuasca and how it brought about a realisation of inter-connectedness. I'm definitely not promoting any particular teaching or method but it is lovely to hear first hand about such experiences, however it happens for people.

Contemplation of such things can have the tendency to create a blank space in the mind or a buzz of thoughts. So think if you wish or just enjoy the pictures.

Hand embellished prints will be available soon. Please contact me if you are interested.