Here be Midnight

Friday, 5 February 2016

The Sky and everything else


"You are the Sky.

Everything else is just weather. "

Pema Chodron

After this spectacle I am happy to be the Sky and all her weather.
I had to take a few shaky photos so that I would believe myself later. It was one of those moments that leaves you feeling blessed – a grateful participant in the ever unfolding Universe

For those of you who like a little science with your miracles here is an explanation. 

The sky shone like an opal amidst rain clouds at dawn and I was in heaven.

Why do we have so much trouble believing in miracles when we are a part of one.


And so the sky features once again in the creations that find themselves at my fingertips ...









Once upon a Star-twirled night  a small Prince asked an old hermit "Where do stories come from?"