Monday, 18 March 2013

Spinning Straw Into Gold

A little while ago I found a golden thread. A blog-spot filled with fairy tales and an author who shares my love, and I'm probably not going too far if I write, 'need', for stories. It is so nourishing to meander through the posts and get my fill of wonder.

Christie, the author of this lovely blog, has studied fairy tales and myth for an honours thesis and though she plays this down and is very humble, her knowledge is very transparent.  Her words and insights are thought provoking, honest and down to earth.

When she asked to interview me I was surprised and honoured.

You can read the interview here...


  1. and a very nice interview indeed! I love to get a peek into what makes an artist "tick"... why you do what you do and where an idea comes from. What a wonderful thing to have your Grandfather reading stories and singing on tapes as a child!(would have been better in person I'm sure, but still!) I have tape recordings we made of my Grandfather singing so long ago, such a treasure now to hear his voice again. I am pleased to see you are working on stories, I look forward to hopefully seeing them one day? Especially a piece of furniture with feelings! (I always wish houses could tell their tales...) Wishing you all the best this fist day of Spring~ Melody :))

    1. Thank you so much Melody....Yeah it's fascinating the various ways we all get into the zone of creativity...How do you do it? I love your snakes being 'driven' from Ireland!! :) Made me grin.
      I'm as keen to see the stories written as you are...I don't feel I actually write them, they just arrive...I'm just the first person to read them...the less editing I do the better.

      I think if we can listen, houses do have tales to tell...I seem to remember a book by David Abrham saying as much...might be worth a google...

      Happy Spring time to you too... the daffodils are out! xx

  2. "her knowledge is transparent"

    Oh Cathy, thank you!

    You are utterly accurate in saying the "need" for stories. Your interview has been invaluable, thank you. It's also accurate to say that those of us who know Faerie sustain each other.

  3. Wow...Though Sharyn introduced me to the blog s couple of weeks before went in detail only today - what a shame to miss such lovely pics. Btwt The East of sun and west of moon facinates me

  4. Thank you so much Ra....So happy you like the pics. :))
    Sharyn is a beautiful soul indeed.