Here be Midnight

Monday, 12 March 2012

Life's Curly Tale

My life's curly tale has a kink in it. It is swollen and sore and throbbing. Some would say I have a 'nose' for adventure, others a 'nose' for trouble. I am known to take huge leaps of faith and frighten the death out of myself and everyone around me. Luckily I am also known for landing on my feet. But the mid-air terrors are always just that, terrifying. In these difficult times it is easy to become consumed with fear and sadness so I try to remain aware of each passing moment which never fails to show me that there is still happiness  amongst it all. 

An afternoon stroll with my daughter, her beloved camera and a hefty dose of silliness caught such a moment. She has created a stop-motion portrait, what a lovely idea. 

What magical medicine laughter is...

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