Sunday, 12 January 2014

A messenger of hope

My pencil has been given time to play recently. I have to admit to wondering what, if anything would come out as it has been so long since I allowed myself time to draw for no reason other than the pleasure of watching whatever arrives.

Graphite had barely touched paper when he appeared. A kind and slightly dishevelled being who is unafraid to take help to the darkest places. He is solid not only in stature but also in his unshakeable peace. It is his job to arrive when all hope is lost and line the clouds with silver.....


  1. Nice to see you again! ~
    A lovely way to start a new year, with Hope... everybody can use a bit at some point. I'm glad he wriggled out of your pencil ~ I find him to be a comforting character ~ and quite charming. :)))
    Happy New Year to you! :))))

  2. Hi Melody, I'm so glad you like him. I admit I wasn't sure how others would find him but so far he has been warmly welcomed. I have the urge to paint him - but we'll see.
    Huge happinessess to you to this year. :)) x

  3. He is great! Lovely details as usual! I am glad to be able to find your blog again. : ) Are you aware that your profile is not in public? So it is difficult to find this site. : )

    1. Hi Again :) Funny you just found me I was just thinking about getting back to the blog again....tooo long away. No I wasn't aware - how do I make sure it's public? I'll have to have a look. Good to hear from you again :)

  4. I love him too, a lovely wee character. It'a a lovely feeling to be able to sit and let the pencil almost make it's own marks on the page and to wait and see what emerges isn't it. Beautiflul work.