Here be Midnight

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Peculiarities Welcome

An early morning doodle and ponder.........

The human complexion is full of beautiful quirks and traits; each one marks us as unique. But would it not be fun to share them, borrow them, exchange them? To walk in another's shoes truly in earnest; in fun. To hold less tightly to our idiosyncrasies, especially those we disfavour. To play with them and recognise them as beautiful garments that we will one day shed. If we trade peculiarities, you and I, would we not find our underneaths are all the same.

In a cobbled street in my imagination there is a pleasantly musty smelling shop that trades in Peculiarities.
Its dust covered shelves are laden with a jumble of old wooden boxes. Hand written labels mark the contents within: 'Twitching eyes', 'Tangled beards', 'A fondness for cardigans with pockets'. 'A fanatical collector', 'an Exotic-weed detestor', 'a tendency toward madness' or 'pious prayer'. Upstairs and down a myriad of mysterious surprises.  Wall to wall idiosyncrasies.  Eccentric treasures wrapped and packaged.  Traits of all shapes and sizes.  A little temple celebrating human habit and fancy. 

Behind the counter sits a wizened creature of Goblin proportions - beguiling and smiling he points to a sign on the wall;

The Old Burrow will be opening up an Etsy shop soon.........

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