Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sketch Book

Busy weeks hold an element of frustration for me. Lots of thinking about art, but little time to actually create. I try to think of these times like garden compost - a bit smelly but necessary to fertilise new ideas, or grow and develop old ones.

Even during my busy weeks I attend my life-drawing and portrait groups. They are a peaceful retreat from the everyday hubbub of life. Each week the familiar smells of graphite, pastel and oils greet me and seem to lull me into 'the zone'.  When I first arrive at my easel I like to sit still for a little and just take in the sounds around me - the little fan heater, the tinkling of classical music, and my favourite noise of all, the small and large scratchings of friendly people drawing and painting.

Below are some sketches from both  the portrait and life-drawing class.





  1. Hi Cathy, I just discovered you through my Faerietale blo. I am so loving your life drawing, you have a flowing & soft touch to your work that I love. I started life drawing again last year after many years break &am loving it, but wish i could loosen up. Im so glad to have discovered your lovley wee corner here. Ruthie

  2. Hi Ruthie, I'm so glad you like my sapling of a blog. The world of blogging is still all very new to me but I am slowly finding my way around and discovering that I am really enjoying it. I have to admit to being an admirer of your blogs for quite a while now, years in fact, they are always a source of seemingly endless inspiration. So a very belated thankyou.
    Happy Lifedrawing...don't worry the rust falls of eventually. :) Cathy